CDPG Danish Apprentice Exchange Program


We are thrilled to announce the arrival of Danish 3rd Year Plumbing Apprentice, Nicklas Thomson who is here for 5 weeks as part of CDPG’s Apprentice Exchange Program. The exchange program is an excellent opportunity for apprentices interested in learning and developing their plumbing skills whilst working abroad.

Nicklas who is completing his apprenticeship with our host plumbing company Finn L. & Davidsen A/S in Denmark will be exposed to all facets of plumbing across both the commercial and maintenance sectors during his placement. Thanks to our team who have taken the time to entertain Nicklas and show him the Aussie sights!

Since the program’s inception in 2015, 10 apprentices have had the opportunity to travel and experience the different approaches to plumbing – did you know in Denmark the water rough-ins are continuous pipe runs i.e. there are no connections, tees or bends concealed behind the wall!

Domestic hot and cold-water supply to individual fixtures are ran from the source. Could you imagine; to plumb a standard bathroom (WC/SHR and Basin) allowing 5 individual continuous pipe runs all the way back to the source?

If you see Nicklas at one of our Victorian project sites, please say G’Day and make him welcome.