2019/2020 Community Plumbing Challenge

Representation on the World Stage – 2019/2020 Community Plumbing Challenge

Congratulations to Cooke & Dowsett Project Manager Paul Harrington who has been selected to represent the Australian Plumbing Industry in the upcoming Community Plumbing Challenge (CPC) in Untia Village, Makassar, Sulawesi - Indonesia.

While many parts of the world enjoy clean water from modern sanitation technology and water systems provided by professional plumbers, many other parts remain trapped in a vicious circle of poor health and hygiene conditions due to the lack of effective water management expertise.

The CPC aims to deliver small, smart and simple steps, that can go some way towards solving these bigger problems. The program aims to demonstrate the power of plumbing, engineering and design, showcasing the best young, international skilled talent and deliver real health benefits in threatened communities.

Paul will form part of an international team who will connect and contribute to CPC’s ultimate goal: to improve living conditions, public health and hygiene through hands-on implementation and community partnership. The project is to build and connect a toilet block for a village in Sulawesi, Indonesia. Paul will head to Indonesia for one week in November for the projects design phase and will head back in May 2020 for the construction phase.

Australia’s involvement in the CPC is managed by International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO) and the Plumbing Industry Climate Action Centre (PICAC). We look forward to sharing Paul’s experiences in Indonesia.