1breadcrumb Application


Cooke & Dowsett are excited to be introducing the 1breadcrumb application into our business. We are rolling out the application which is a private geofencing app that acts as a virtual wallet, private check in and check out service, and workplace mapping tool. It alerts managers if their staff or patrons have been in contact with someone onsite with COVID-19, therefore helping to mitigate the risk of potential outbreaks.

Ultimately, the 1breadcrumb system puts the power back into the hands of Cooke & Dowsett while complying with Worksafe mapping and OH&S protocols. Workplace safety has always been a top priority for us and this tool is really improving our safety & efficiency for all staff and visitors.

The platform is currently being used by Cooke & Dowsett on the University of Melbourne – Student Precinct Project and will continue to be utilised across other projects in Australia and New Zealand.

Other industries looking for a simple solution to contract tracing have embraced this technology and are engaging 1breadcrumb to assist with managing an automated checking process while ensuring the privacy of users.