logoNUDJ2In 2004 the Plumbers Union initiated an Indigenous Apprentices Program whereby Aboriginal youth learn and gain plumbing trade qualifications. The objective of the program was to empower Aboriginal youth in the Kimberley and Pilbara regions through up-skilling and for this to be translated back into their local community. The Union was looking for the ripple affect whereby the qualified plumber returns to the region and imparts their knowledge, becoming a mentor and effecting a generational change. Expanding on this program and its benefits, NUDJ plumbing was formed in 2009.

NUDJ Plumbing is the amalgamation of the Nirrumbuk Aboriginal Corporation, the Victorian Plumbers Union, Cooke & Dowsett Pty Ltd and the Jarlmadangah Burru Aboriginal Corporation with a combined purpose of providing employment and training opportunities for Indigenous Australians. They are dedicated to enriching the lives of Aboriginal people through plumbing apprenticeship programs with the Victorian Plumbers Union, employment with NUDJ and the provision of labour hire through Cooke & Dowsett Pty Ltd.

Having learnt plumbing services skills, including improved sanitation and water management, qualified plumbers can then return to transfer this knowledge and enrich their communities. This is proving to enrich the regions whilst providing real economic benefit.

The Indigenous Apprenticeship Program in association with NUDJ has seen many winners of awards including the MPMSAA Apprenticeship Award, the Outstanding Achievement Among Indigenous Australians Award and has trained the first Indigenous female plumber who has returned to NUDJ as an employee.



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In a recent speech to parliament Senator Mark Bishop recognised NUDJ as having “developed a model which shows a clear way forward in tackling disadvantage in remote communities. They have provided opportunities for young people to learn new skills and to benefit from the dignity that is inherent in ongoing work, to say nothing of the improvements to their communities, which will have an enduring impact on their families, friends and homes.” Click here to watch the video of Senator Mark Bishop’s speech.

NUDJ Plumbing has completed numerous plumbing contracts ranging in complexity and scale and has provided labour to a number of sites throughout the region. It is a proficient contractor that provides quality plumbing solutions to its clients and has completed projects that range from housing maintenance to airport redevelopments. NUDJ has the business model to continue with its success and build on its reputation. It embraces the region and its people and seeks to expand this commitment to improve the quality of living conditions through recruitment, training and empowerment of Indigenous Australians.

NUDJ employee Jeremiah Green has been recognised as the 2013 NAIDOC Apprentice of the Year nominee. After completing his apprenticeship in Melbourne and a short stint with NUDJ Plumbing, Jeremiah Green (Modra) has headed back to his community. Looma Aboriginal Community is about 250kms east of Broome near Fitzroy Crossing, and if you think it’s hot in Broome, Fitzroy Crossing has just had 27 days in a row well over 40 degrees. Modra is now working at Looma and Jarlmadangah as their maintenance plumber. These are the real outcomes that were intended with the original plan of NUDJ Plumbing and we should all be proud of this fantastic achievement. Click here to view Jeremiah’s story on the ABC Kimberley website.

NUDJ Plumbing would like to make special note of the very generous donations we have received this year from some amazing companies. We are very grateful and give thanks to:

–   Rehau Pty Ltd

–   Acu Tech

–   Sharp

–   Pentair Valves & Controls

–   Galvins Plumbing Supplies

In order for NUDJ to keep “the dream” alive we are asking for donors to ensure the continuation of our work in providing better living conditions for Indigenous youth in the region. Donations are fully tax deductible.